StreamUK upgrades award winning Media Platform

Our award winning Media Platform is based on Kaltura’s internationally recognised CE codebase but this new release includes further key improvements that make it the most advanced online video platform available in Europe.

Below we’ve broken the new features so you can see how the industry’s leading media asset management system just got even better.

Features for a better user experience:

Improved HTML5 player

We’ve upgraded the HTML5 player with multi device support so that audiences can enjoy great content over any device and content owners can relax, safe in the knowledge that everyone, everywhere can enjoy their content.


We now offer https delivery so that audiences can enjoy a seamless experience with no compatibility issues across secure browsing sessions.

Multi Language Subtitles and Captioning

We can now offer multi-lingual subtitle/captions when required and automatically display them within the player. With our “508” player, you can also be confident you have all the tools required to make sure your content is delivered in line with international regulations and is available to everyone.

New Discovery and Sharing Tools

New related video features allow viewers to discover great new videos to watch and share. Our powerful social media sharing tools mean that audiences can also share specific points within videos.

New Analytical Tools

Media Platform’s new real-time analytics offers content owners incredible detail on the activity of their audience. The data available now allows content owners to drill down to see which segment of a video has been seen the most.

Multiple User Accounts

We’ve enabled new user accounts so content owners can alter their team’s permission levels to match their responsibilities.

Online Editing Tools

The new platform includes online top and tailing tools for fast turnaround of clips. 

Advanced Ad Integration

Content owners can now dictate exactly where and when ads appear and use the new real time analytics to see which placements work best for which audience.

Some StreamUK “behind the scenes” magic:

Flexible Pricing and Contract Options

We don’t believe in rigid pricing options that force content owners to compromise. Media Platform can deliver the services you need, and leave out those you don’t. In addition our rates for usage decrease the more you use.

Choose to contract under multiple EU legislative systems

StreamUK is part of the Stream Advanced Media Group (StreamAMG  We have offices in multiple European locations so you can choose to contract under UK, Spanish, German, Maltese or Turkish contract law. With StreamAMG you can gain peace of mind by contracting under the legislative system that makes you feel the most comfortable.

Scaling up

Our cloud-based architecture means we can scale up with lightning speed. If your needs change, we’re flexible enough to cope. If your success means that you want to double or even triple your activity you can be assured that StreamUK will support you.

Improved Client Communication

Our dedicated Delivery Team has worked with Autotask to launch a new Client Access Portal that means customers can track tickets as they move to completion. Even better, with European support you know that we’re working when you are!

Getting Better All the Time

We work with incredible clients such as the BBC, the Guardian and Barclaycard and each time we push the limits of what’s possible and then share what we’ve learned across the group. If people say that your project can’t be done, we’re up for the challenge to figure out a way to make it happen.

So there you have it: our award winning Media Platform has taken another huge leap forward. If you need a “best in class” video player and asset management tool, the only thing left to do is contact our team and request your free trial.

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