Media Platform

Media Platform is an advanced video management tool for broadcasters, content owners and corporate video channels.

You’ve got video content and an audience you want to reach. Media Platform gives you total control over your online channels. It’s fully brandable and delivers live and on-demand streams to any screen.

Build a paywall or insert ads mid-stream. Secure your content with https, use IP restriction or make it freely available. Authorise multiple users to upload and manage video with different permission levels. Let viewers share a moment mid-stream. Insert captions in a fully accessible and customisable player. Measure your audience with live stats.

Whatever you need, we’ll be on hand with UK-based support to help you every step of the way.

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Delivery to multiple screens

Upload once; deliver everywhere

Our powerful transcoding engine provides fast, reliable and high quality video to your audience.

Our players automatically detect your viewer’s bandwidth and device and will serve up the right format in the rights bitrate – dynamically switching for a smooth viewing experience.

Your viewers can just sit back and enjoy – on desktops, mobiles and tablets.

The most open API

Deep integration with your CMS and workflows

Allow your rich media to be part of your existing CMS and media workflows with our extensive API, make the technology work for you!

Content protection

Flexible restrictions and access control

Geo-targeting, time embargoes, domain restriction – all included and easy to setup via the interface.

Enhanced security options also available.

Social media tools

Use social tools to increase engagement

Tie your video to your current social media strategy, share clips via email, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and many more, drive your content further and wider than ever before. Our powerful social media sharing tools mean that audiences can also share specific points within videos which drives conversations across multiple networks.

Great Players

Choose your own styles and features

Re-enforce your brand identity with a player the way you want it. You decide the dimensions, colours, watermark and features, including engaging social media features.


Https delivery allows players to be embedded directly within Facebook pages, and takes care of browser compatibility issues for you.

An upgraded HTML5 player with multi-device support.

Subtitles and closed captioning within the 508 compliant accessibility player.

Advanced Asset Management

Manage, organise and recommend your videos

Create an effective media library with rich metadata that can be accessible from search functions and SEO. Know exactly where your video is at all time.


Enhanced video discovery and related video features that encourage users to view more content. Our upgraded platform allows you to offer an intuitive viewing experiencing, recommending and promoting content you know a user is likely to be interested in.

Accurate and reliable reports

Analyse your content in real time

Deep reporting and statistics show you everything from hits to bandwidth usage. See where your viewers are switching off to refine your content. Map your global audience. All of this across your entire library, subsection or on a clip-by-clip basis. The power is in your hands.


Media Platform's new real-time analytics offers content owners incredible detail on the activity of their audience.

Multiple Monetisation Options

Paywalls, subscription, advertising? Take your pick…

Generate revenue with pre roll ads, overlays, teaser content and in video betting. Initiate payments within your branded player across multiple devices in a simple user friendly way.


Advanced advertising integration so you can set cue points within a video. Make your adverts more relevant, and then use the new real time analytics to see which placements work best for which audience.

Accessibility and Languages

Be confident your video is accessible to everyone

Our new accessibility features bring compliance with the US section 508 legislation – you can be sure your content is delivered in line with international regulations.

The inclusion of multi-lingual subtitles and captions via an inbuilt interface and the automatic display of those subtitles/captions within the player.

Multiple User Accounts

Create users with different permissions

Multiple user accounts with a full range of permissions that you can configure to allow users access to the functions they require (but not the ones they don’t!). Open up content management with safety.

Editing Tools

Tweak your content

Online editing tools now allow you to create exciting new clips and highlights from existing video content.

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