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YouTube; one of the most recognisable brands for uploading and sharing of streaming video content is about to be given a run for its money. YouTube users now have a very good reason to defect to Stream UK and it is called Video Management System (VMS) 2.1. Below is what you are currently missing with YouTube.

Support for video formats

Stream UK’s VMS 2.1 accepts most popular and audio file formats including: WMV, MPG, MOV, FLV, AVI MP3, WAV, AIFF. YouTube only lets you upload videos in standard formats (Windows AVI, MOV or MPEG) and then transcodes them all to Flash which degrades the quality. With Stream UK’s VMS 2.1, users can also watch videos in the original, uploaded format, ensuring the quality of the video.

Limitations on Video File Sizes

Stream UK’s VMS 2.1 has no limitation on file size nor video length, so you can stop worrying about YouTube’s 10 minute or 1000 MB restriction on file sizes. No more chopping up video clips and uploading sepearate segments. The Stream UK player and delivery networks are designed to deliver long files as smoothly as short files unlike YouTube.

Detailed Site Statistics

Stream UK’s VMS 2.1 statistics package provides information on files, visitors, user agents, referrer and protocol status. All assets will be displayed in file information which you can order by date ranges or media type (i.e. Flash). You can also search assets by title using the search function. You can view the hits, bandwidth and storage for each file which is displayed both numerically and visually.

Details include the user’s geographic location (countries, cities and IPs), agent information or referrer data. File protocol-rtmp or http and status, which displays if the content was served correctly (code 200) means successful and code 404 means the page was not found).

YouTube statistics are extremely limited showing only current rating, how many times the videos were played and which sites are linking or sending viewers to your video which leaves you wondering who is looking at your content and how people are using it.

Video Quality

Videos uploaded on YouTube are automatically compressed and resized to the 320×24 format. Stream UK’s VMS 2.1 maintains the original quality of the video and does not resize your video clips.¬†Your quality control decisions remain in place.

If you are interested in Stream UK’s VMS 2.1 please contact us on 0207 419 1820

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