Stream Visibility Package

StreamUK have partnered with a leading distribution network to offer clients a highly effective PR tool that increases online visibility and offline circulation prior to a streaming or webcasting event.


The Stream Visibility Package is designed to target your viewership and alert prospective audiences through online and offline media, as well as:

  • Significantly boost your Search Engine Optimisation.
  • Create a strong presence within social media networks.
  • Distribute your story/event information to over 5,500 online destinations, including media and industry websites, online databases and subscription-based news services.
  • Distribute your story/event to relevant journalists from global, national, regional, online and offline publications (110,000 journalists registered globally).
  • Make your story/event accessible to over 44,000 bloggers who actively search the content and RSS Feeds.
  • Produce a media tracking report on the lifespan and distribution of release.

Extremely popular with large or significant events, the SVP is also a great tool for companies/brands that take their SEO positioning seriously, and wish to widen multiplatform activity as well as online presence.

Planning for a small audience consisting of all the right people? The SVP also achieves highly specific distribution targets, enabling us to accurately contact key individuals, publications and sectors that would mostly benefit from your event. Whether your goal is for the broad and maximum viewership, or that niche and highly specific audience, the SVP provides a highly effective solution to streaming events that wish to benefit from getting the word around, in all the right places.


How it works

The SVP will distribute your release to over 5,500 websites meaning more inbound links to your website. We also understand that online trade titles and websites tend to aggregate their content from the biggest news distributors such as Yahoo,, and our partners distribution website which alone gets 1.8 million unique visitors a month and 8 million subscribers to our industry specific RSS feeds.


Social Media

Every release we distribute is tagged with a powerful social media platform. This means that your release is not only placed directly into the editorial systems of the media in the country, but will gain additional coverage within the social media world. Over 44,000 bloggers actively use the networks content, with over 8 million subscribers to the SVP’s RSS Feeds. There is also the option to link the news release to social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, eBlogger etc.



To complete the communications cycle the SVP can provide a number of monitoring reports to help you assess the success of each release. Below is a list of the complimentary reporting tools we can provide you with.

  • Complimentary Clear Time Report – provides confirmation that your information has been sent and what area it has covered.
  • Complimentary Release Watch Report – provides you with a list of websites who are hosting a copy of your release.
  • Complimentary Media Access Report – provides you with more statistical information about how many journalists viewed your release, where they are geographically based and finally which media they operate with.


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